About Us

WowGiveaways.com was created to hold daily giveaway contests every 24 hours Monday – Thursday. We also do Weekend Giveaways that last from Friday to Sunday, and occasionally do monthly and trimester giveaways, giving our users many opportunities to win prizes. We wanted to make winning fun & quick! I’m sure you’ve seen many sweepstakes offers with elaborate prizes, but they also come with complex rules and seem to last for months. You never know if those offers are even legitimate or if they ever even award a winner.

At WowGiveaways.com we are taking (what we hope is) a better approach. We may not offer as many big-ticket prizes, but the prizes we offer are legitimate and we select a winner within 48 hours of ending. Okay, sometimes we’re running behind or on vacation, but you know pretty quickly. Our giveaway contests don’t drag on for months and months. The longest sweepstakes/raffles we do are never longer that 4 months long with the majority being 24 – 72 hours long. If you are interested, claim your entry fast! If you’re not interested, come back to our site tomorrow because we will have a brand new giveaway to entice you with.

Just our winners page and you will see the hundreds of winners we have every year. We hope you enjoy the site and the prizes!

Best of luck!